Demeter Fragrance Library - Ice Cream Cone Duet

Press Sample

It's almost ice cream season! Yes I know ice cream is sold year around but I'm talking about ice cream trucks & grabbing a warm fresh waffle cone filled with your favourite flavor on a gorgeously hot warm day. 
The Ice Cream Cone Duet set comes contains two Demeter scents that are both 0.5 each. Which I just love because I think mini things are just adorable. I also love how the lids are gold instead of Demeter's classic silver lids, it just gives them a more warm feeling. I don't know if that makes sense, but to me it does.

Strawberry Ice Cream is a very creamy scent with a mild strawberry scents, I find is what makes it smell perfect. Strawberry ice cream isn't over flavoured with the sweet berry flavour.

Waffle Cone is very waffle like. It's smells like a sweet cookie almost. Not too strong but has the yummy waffle kick to it, that makes it mild but long lasting.
My absolute favourite way to use them is together. I love them combine when it's two sprays of Strawberry Ice Cream with one spray of waffle cone. I would seriously recommend this to any who loves sweet scents.

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