5 Tips to achieve your best skin

Hey guys! So I'm fairly new to facial care. I understand most of it, but I normally just do the basic. I was never really taught what products you need for what. Or what order they go in, I just sort of did my own thing. However I realized they're are probably a ton of other teenagers & young adults who might have the same issue. So I contacted the people at Dermaloigca & asked for some info & some product recommendations.  I am very appreciative that they took the time to help & am very honoured to credit Leala McInerney, Senior Educator The International Dermal Institute® for the information below.

1.       Choosing a cleanser that is based on your skin type, is one of the best ways to maintain your skin, as this is something we can’t change. With that, the average consumer spends less than 20 seconds cleansing their skin. This isn’t long enough to truly break down dirt and oils. I suggest singing your ABCs twice through to ensure that you’ve done it for the right amount of time. The goal is at least ninety seconds.

2.       Exfoliation is one of the best way to maintain the skins texture, clarity and overall health. Having said that, not all exfoliants are created equal. You have physical exfoliants, which are usually gritty and you have your chemical exfoliants which work with various hydroxy acids to break down the bonds that holds the skin cells together. Your skin’s health and needs will determine which the right option for you is. Dermaloigca’s® MultiVitamin Thermafoliant® is a powerful thermal skin polisher that gives you the best of both worlds.

3.       Serums are an excellent way to solve tricky issues like breakouts, pigmentation as well are various forms of aging. Serums typically have a much smaller molecule, therefore will penetrate into the skin and target specific cells to achieve a desired response. Suffering with aging skin and breakouts? Try Dermaloigcas® MultiVitamin Power Serum. This potent serum utilizes a special form of Vitamin A called hydroxypinacolone retinoate. This is an esther of Vitamin A, therefore it helps target photo-aging whilst being much less sensitizing that traditional forms of vitamin A. This ingredient will also in turn help to prevent comodones (blackheads) which every breakout starts out as.

4.       It’s never too early to start using an eye treatment. The skin around our eyes is significantly more delicate than the skin on your face. This means that it requires extra care to help prevent fine lines and subsequently wrinkles. Most people wait until they start seeing the wrinkles before they start using an eye treatment. This can absolutely help to control wrinkle depth and severity, but prevention is always the best  plan of attack.

5.       Protect your skin from daylight, not just the sun. As the weather starts to warm up it is now when people start to think about the importance of wearing an SPF. With that, UV rays impact your skin all year round, therefore we should be wearing a moisturizer that contains an SPF daily. Your skin’s conditions may impact what type of SPF you’ll want to use. A lot of people tend to think that SPF is greasy and will make you breakout. Try Dermalogica's® Oil Free Matte. This is a lightweight moisturizer, SPF and breakout-fighting treatment in one!

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