Lush - Shower Gel VS. Shower Jelly

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Lush is an amazing brand that is not only luxurious, it's smart. Lush as a company has fantastic morals & goals. They promote & are truly involved when it comes to what they believe in. They're a very pro planet company. They are very passionate about ethical buying, fighting against animal testing, fresh ingredients, charities & "Green Washing". So honestly who couldn't love this company.
With all that being said let's get the main point of the post, shower jellies or shower gels. Now when I first found out about lush I had no freaking idea what a shower jelly even was. I wasn't sure if it was a dessert you eat in the shower or if it a super concentrated shower gel. So first things first, it is not a dessert. 

Shower Jelly is a fun alternative to you're same ol' shower gel. The jelly texture isn't gelatin it's actually seaweed which is not only the ingredient that makes the jelly jiggle, it's also super beneficial properties that is great for your skin, hair & scalp.

Shower jellies are fun & Sweetie Pie smells amazing! & contains a bit of glitter bits. It's really fund to use because you can either pre-cut/rip it into pieces before you use it with your loofah, you can scrub it directly onto your loofah or you can even just say heck with the loofah & rub it directly onto your body. The only issue I've had which the shower jelly was a bit of crumblage which ended up going straight down the drain. 

Lush's shower gels are super easy to use because well, everyone is used to a shower gel. It's one of the most common forms of body wash. It's a liquid product that has the perfect lather when paired up with a loofah. Always a good product to try when you're unsure what to get!

So no matter which one you pick, I personally would like to thank you for supporting an amazing company!

I seriously find them to be under-rated. People mainly discover Lush because they're very famous for their bath bomb videos on YouTube. Which is perfectly fine but I wish they would be more recognized for everything they do, not only for me in the bathroom but for what they do in the world. They are truly a company others should strive to be like.

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