Quo Dynamic Duo Mascara - Limited Edition

Press Sample

Hey guys! It feels like it's been forever even tho it really hasn't been. 

The Quo Dynamic Duo Mascara retails for $14.00 & is part of the new Quo 2015 spring collection that is currently available at Shoppers Drug Mart. I absolutely am loving the packaging which is to my knowledge pretty unique. On the end of the wand handle there is a built in comb, which comes in super handy.

 I always love to comb my lashes prior to curling & applying mascara. I find when I don't comb before curling my lashes will often stay curled in the direction they were pointing before i curled them. So combing them helps straighten them out & point the direction I want them to. I find this also helps after the mascara has been applied. My lashes will be more likely to stay straight with a nice curl after I've applied the mascara.
I am very impressed with this mascaras performance. It gives the lashes a very natural type of length. I found the mascara to have a slightly dry formula, which lead to some slight flaking which left the lashes looking like they have some tiny clumpage? (is that a word?).  I personally would love a waterproof formula. 

Overall opinion, I love the concept but the formula needs a bit of work. 

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