Quo by Orly Art Scene - NEW Limited Edition Collection

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New Quo by Orly Collection!! Ekkkkk!
Quo by Orly Art Scene - NEW Limited Edition Collection

Quo by Orly - Abstract is clear base polishes with tiny light lavender hexagons, white squares & coral, light lavender, I think light a super light pink tinsel glitters. Very beautiful innocent combination of colours.  

Quo by Orly - Contemporary has a base of tiny white hexagons, small black hexagons, medium sized light orange hexagons with black tinsel glitter packed in a clear base. Very unique combination. 

Quo by Orly - Graffiti contains those beautiful black tinsel glitters plus medium blue & orange glitters with small red & black glitters. Love this vivid dark combination. 

Quo by Orly - Pop contains those black tinsel glitters as well as beautiful medium turquoise hexagons with small red & yellow hexagon glitters. Love this combinations. I dont know why but it's so familiar. I just LOVE IT. 

This is a very playful fun glitter collection that contains a lot of beautiful combinations that compliment each other very well. I love that they're all in clear bases, which allows them to be applied over any polish! & absolutely no glitter fishing required!

This collection is only available at Shoppers Drug Mart! So pick em up while they're available! <3

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