EOS - Visibly Soft - Coconut Milk

Press Sample

Hey guys! Today I will be sharing the other new EOS lip balm with you! The first on was Vanilla Mint & if you're interested in checking out that post in case you missed it just click >Here<. However today's post is going to be on the Coconut Milk one, which is the one in the pink stripey packaging!

I have to say this one is my favourite out of the two new ones. Although it's called Coconut Milk, I find it to be a bit more Virgin Pina Colada like. Maybe it's just me but my nose picks up just a hint of pineapple. & I love me some coconut & pineapple. & While the packaging is more fun & bold the scents in these seem to be more subtle. 

I do find these to be a bit more moisturizing than the originals. I would seriously recommend checking these out. The Visibly Smooth scents seem to be a bit more subtle than the originals.

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