Clarins Garden Escape Eyeshadow Palette

Press Sample

Clarins Garden Escape eyeshadow palette is perfection. 
I am so absolutely impressed with this palette, the presentation & packaging is so luxurious. I am in love with the colours & design of this palette. The gold out side with the red palette sleeve gives you the high-end, extravagant quality. & Please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the hold in the back of the palette is so people can depot them? I person haven't tried because I just adore it as is.

Wouldn't it be awesome if it was a restart button & all the product came back :P 
The shadows in this palette are so soft & go hand in half with the packaging. They're high quality, highly pigmented yet soft shadows that just glide & blend so effortlessly. 
The shadows in this palette are so perfect for the spring & summer. They're very natural tones with hints of warmth. 
All of the shadows in this palette are of equal quality. They're all soft, highly pigmented & they all just glide on colour so effortlessly. 
The quality of the shades in this palette & the beautiful colours is why I would highly recommend them to people who are new to make up as well as experts. The make the application of eyeshadow almost effortless without them looking effortless or dull.

I absolutely love everything about these shadows & the packaging. 

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