GOSH Double Precision Mascara

Press Sample 

So I am always on the hunt for the perfect mascara & the Gosh Double Precision Mascara is so close. 
The Double Precision mascara comes with two ends. End 1 which is to coat your lower lashes. I really love that they marked this end number one because before I really started doing my makeup I used to do my top lashes & then my lower lashes which always left me with mascara on my eyelid.
The brush on this end is very small, thin & very close together. It's not thick & hard to work with. Which makes it excellent for the job it's designed for.
End number two is for your upper lashes. This brush has long longer bristles that are less dense as the other side, & comes to a tapered end.
I loved using this mascara, personally my only issue with it was that it wasn't waterproof. I have very oily eyelids which makes regular mascaras last a very short amount of time. I really enjoyed end number & the way the brush was so easy to work with on the lower lashes. It made the application very clean & quick. I didn't really have to fiddle around because the brush was the perfect size.
I do think I should have waited a bit longer before I did a second coat on my top lashes it made them slightly clumpy if you look close but at a arms length away they have nice length & look very full.

I would extremely recommend picking up this mascara, the consistency is just right, not to thick & not to wet.

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