Demeter Fragrance Library - Mulled Cider

Press Samples

So this might sound completely crazy, but this october was my FIRST time trying apple cider. & I completely regret the time I've wasted in the past not giving it a chance. I am someone who thinks they love trying new things but often when  given the option between something I know I love or something I haven't tried, I'll go for what I love about 80% of the time. However most of the time my husband will try the new item or food & I'll try some of his. & That is exactly how I fell in love with cider.

Demeters Mulled Cider is so realistic, it's mouth watering. It's just so true to the scent, you really can distinctly smell the different scents but they're so perfectly balanced that they're still blended in a unique way that is very pleasing to the nose. This also a fantastic scent for  mid spring, fall & winter. It 's so warm & delicious you can't go wrong. I extremely recommend this!

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