Revlon Sultry & Cosmic Flakies

Press Samples

These two beauties are from Revlon relaunch ! So I am super excited to share these beauts with you. 

First up is the ever so gorgeous Sultry. This one is gorgeous. It's a blue base with a lot of purple shimmers with a bit of pink. Very gorgeous & opaque in two coats. Absolutely love it. 

Next is Cosmic Flakies. Now I kind of sort of have beef with this one. Mainly because of the name. It's very misleading to people who don't know the difference. This is not a flakie polish, this is shredded iridescent glitter. 

Other then that I love it. They're not to thick of chunky, so it's really enjoyable to use. I also seriously love the iridescent colour shifts. Stunning.

I can't help but to recommend both. They're just beautiful. 

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