One Brand Manicure (=

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Love China Glaze? This cute graduation manicure was created with only China Glaze products so if you love them enough, you might already own these!
The most important thing first. A base coat. A good base coat is always a must have. So when I tried the Strong Adhesion base coat & my manicures actually lasted 24 hours plus. I was very impressed. However I will not completely give all the credit to the base coat as the top coat might have had something to do with it as well. It dried fast & didn't stink or shrink my manicure. So it's one of my new faves. I do find it a bit liquidy which isn't something I'm used to in a top coat however maybe that's why it worked well.
After applying my base coat I used a poures sponge & applied the polishes to the sponge in this order. Shocking Pink, Flip Flop Fantasy & Sun Worshiper. Once it dried I reapplied it. & I did that about 3-4 times. Once it was fully opaque & dry I applied a coat of Fairy Dust to give it a gorgeous sparkle. It you haven't heard of or own Fairy Dust, I am letting you know now. You're missing out on something great. Once that was dry I applied my top coat & taadaa! Magic! A cute & fun manicure!

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