Markcol - Seven Sisters Tea - Skinny Monkey

Press Sample

Well tea lovers, today I have a special treat for you. I will be sharing the Skinny Monkey by Seven Sisters Tea with you.
Skinny Monkey is a beautiful mixture of different things. Just looking at it you can see the different fruits, such as coconut shreds, Banana, Candied Pineapple. & That's something I appreciate, I like that I can tell what's in it. Which is pretty awesome because here are the ingredients:  Oolong tea, shredded coconut, banana chips, apple chunks, candied pineapple (sugar), cocoa nibs, rosehip, natural flavour, carob root. 

I am still so amazed by how well all of the different items can come together & create such a beautiful & tasty blend of tea. Another good one for the chilly days & nights. I personally prefer to add honey with this. It just gives it more of a rich natural warm soothing taste. 

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