Marc Jacobs - Daisy

Press Sample

If you asked me what type of scents I liked about two years ago, I would have told you I like sweet non-floral scents. Let's just say I was very ignorant when it came down to what I really liked compared to what I thought I liked. 
I honestly couldn't even count how many times I have told people that I wasn't a fan of floral scents. I used be very ignorant & automatically thought floral meant overbearing rose scents. Then I started to explore the whole fragrance world & found out that many, many notes go into perfumes, wax melts, & other scented products. I began to realized that there is a lot more floral scents used, other than the more common scents. So when I found all of this out I was so blown away.

& I'm telling you this because two years ago I would have said "No, I don't like it. I'm not a floral person."

However now that I actually pay attention to the layers & dimensions of scents, & gave this perfume a chance, I have to admit I am pleased I did. The combinations of floral notes with hints of fruit makes this perfume very feminine & fun. I find this is more of a spring & summer scent. It also has a great scent throw as well as lasting ability.

I highly recommend checking this perfume out as it can easily become your signature perfume.

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