Foil Lace Nails

I absolutely love doing foil manicures. It done correct they look fantastic & can last just as long as other manicures.
All the items you will need are: Base coat, a nail polish that goes well with the foil chosen, nail art foil, foil glue, Water based topcoat, & your favourite top coat. 
First you need to apply your base coat & allow it to dry. Then apply the nail polish & how it to completely dry.
Next you will apply your foil glue. It will be a creamy consistency.
Once it's dried clear but sticky to the touch you'll apply the foils. I smooth the foils out using a Q-tip.
Once your foils are applied top coat with the water based topcoat. I have tried a few different brands some still cause the foils to wrinkle. So I stick with the Sprout Raindrop Clear topcoat.
& once that is try apply your regular top coat, allow it to dry & your done. You have a beautiful foil manicure. 

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