Demeter Fragrance Library - Christmas in New York

Press Sample

Okay, so I have never been to New York ever. So I'm not sure exactly how good of a judge I am.
First sniff is a nutty smell, mixed with caramel/toffee/butterscotch type scent. & then I had a very brief interaction with a hint of sweet fruitiness.  & then it goes straight back to being that nutty caramel mixture.

Sadly this scent is not at all for me. It the mixture sort of reminded me of a scent from Scentsy called Central Park Pralines so I think these two scents are like hand in hand. However I cannot stand either one. 

I don't know what about it but, it gives me almost an instant headache. Sadly my husband likes it, however I don't know how much use he'd get out of it considering it's very unpleasant for me. It's very accurate to the website description but very satisfying to my senses. 
With all of that being said I only got it because the named reminded me of the old school Home Alone movie.

The scent throw was good & unfortunately for me the lasting ability is good too. However everyone likes/dislikes different scents so even tho it was a miss for me, it may be a hit for you!

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