Tweezerman | Super Curl Lash Curler & Beauty IQ Blender Brush

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Not too long ago I tried my first Tweezerman product, & now I am so thankful for that moment, because I absolutely adore beauty accessories that make my beauty routine just a bit more easier. & Today I will be sharing two of my favourite tweezerman products. So let's jump right into it.

In October Tweezerman launched their brand new "Brush IQ" make-up brush collection. It features 12 different brushes. So far I've only tried the blender brush, & hope to try more. The blending brush was flexible but still had a bit of firmness to it.The bristles are soft but strong.
The shape of the brush was wide all around & rounded up to a fluffy point that blends shadows together with such perfect & little effect.  I would highly recommend checking out this line. They're amazing quality.

When I found out Tweezerman "Super Curl eyelash curler" was a sideless curler it automatically was a must have for me. I have puffy hooded eyelids which can be difficult for multiple reasons & one of them being every so often when I'm curling my lashes I'll accidently pinch a tiny bit of the outer corner in the side of the lash curler which isn't really painful just really annoying. & I've been using this everyday since I got it & I love it so much more than any other lash curler I have ever tried. EXTREMELY recommend checking this out.

Yes Tweezerman products can be a bit more pricier than others however the quality is better. You're not paying extra dollars for the same products you're paying those extra dollars for great quality items that will do the job better & last much longer than others.

I really believe that Tweezerman is one of those brands where the products are more so investments rather than purchases. 

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