Gosh Giant Blush | 04 Passion

Press Sample

I have been lucky enough to have the pleasure of reviewing my first cream brush & even luckier for me. It's in stick form. 

I have always stuck to what I've knew worked for me, so when the whole cream blush trend came out, I avoided it. However this product has got me questioning my ways. I really enjoy this product.

I always worried about what happens if I apply too much, if it stays concentrated in one stop but that can happen with powder blushes too. I prefer the Giant Blush for when I'm not wearing much make up & just have the minimum on just because it does give a very natural look when blended well.
It's very creamy, soft & pigmented. This one lasted a great length of time & I did not need to reapply.  Gosh is a very accessible brand  & can be found at most, if not all Shoppers Drug Marts. I really recommend checking the brand in general out!

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