Multicoloured Chevron Stamping design

Press Sample

I dont know why I enjoy multicoloured stampicures. You know when you stamp an image with multiple shades? I knew about it for a while but never tried it & then when I did I loved it so much. You gotta try it.
For this design I will be using the large stamping plate that comes in the Salon Pro 7 set from As for the image I used the full nail chevron pattern .
& the stamping polishes I will be using are (Left to Right) Purple People Eater, Orange You Glad, Maleficence, Gemstone Glam, Throwing Shade, Sweetest in the Middle
So for each nail I switch up the way the polishes are positioned, however I this time because I was using so many I made the polishes for a "L" shape. 
That way when I swiped diagonally you'd be able to see a bit of each colour as well as the blended colour they create. I do however suggest cleaning it in between swipes. As you can see on my thumb nail in the photo you can see the colours very clearly however on the other nails the colours are too blended. 
& Here is the aftermath of my beautiful stamping disaster. 
I seriously love that this full nail design is wide & long enough to fit my nail beds! 

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