Demeter Fragrance Library - Lemon Meringue

Press Sample

Oh my Lemon Meringue. This scent is something else. 
No lie. When I got this & my husband first sprayed it I was like...

. photo 48f6pu9.gif

& then I was very disappointed to see that there was no pie. Just a super realistic delicious smelling spray. I honestly don't know how I feel about because it's so deceiving when I spray it. I just want the dang pie. It's almost too realistic for me. 

I really wanna say you can't spray too much of this but I think you could after 30 sprits. For me it's the very beginning of the spray that has the most power or the freshest. I don't know what exactly it is about this scent that makes me close my eyes & feel so relaxed. Could possibly because I just seriously love the stuff. & That's not even a lie. One time I bought the stuff to make the Lemon Meringue filling from the store made it & ate it. Without the pie crust. Just ate it. Ugh & I'd do it again to. So delicious. Okay, I know why now. It's exactly that. The lemon is citrusy enough for it to be a fresh scent but the meringue part has a very sweet, vanilla sugar smell that is just so inviting. From this day forward this is my new favourite Demeter fragrance & most likely the one to be finished first.


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