Beat the winter with NSPA Vanilla Rich Body Butter & Shower Scrub

Press Sample

I absolutely love to pamper my skin often, however because I have psoriasis & eczema I have to be careful of the products I use because some can cause serious irritation which is never fun.  

One of my favourite body moisturizing products are often body butters which is why I gravitated towards the NSPA Rich Body Butter. I adore the scent Vanilla, & often it's my safe go-to scent. So naturally I loved it but I don' think there was anything special about the Vanilla scent. For me it's all about the body butter. It's a very smooth & creamy product that doesn't feel grease & lasts a long time. I have a few different ways to use it but my three favourites are 1. Applying it right after I'm done a shower & dried off. 2 Applying some to my elbows & knees before bed. & 3. Apply it to my feet & then putting on socks. Seriously fabulous & soft results.

During the winter is when my skin often starts to dry out & cause a bit of flakie skin. So I enjoy using a good shower scrub every other day or so. Which helps the skin just look healthier.

I've really enjoyed using these products, & so has my skin. Both of these products are available at Walmart & have the SRP of $7.97.

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