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We all have those days, when we just want to be able to go somewhere without having to carry a ton of things, & this is one of those wonderful things that allow you to do just that.

 This gorgeous black faux leather wallet phone case allows you to just take the bare minimum. If you've been following my blog for sometime now, you probably know I am a mother of two. Now I am not really a purse type of girl when I have my kids with me. I prefer a backpack just because when you leave the house with kids & you're not just going around the corner to the convenient store, you know you gotta bring a decent... okay a ridiculous amount of items.

 & I mean ridiculous. You have to bring the things that you would normally expect such as your money, I.D., keys, diapers, wipes, a snack, water, a baby bottle, toys... & then theres all the "Incase isht (yes isht) happens stuff" like extra soothers, an extra change of clothes for both of them & sometimes that's not even it all.

So when I'm able to go to the store without my kids I don't want to bring a purse or backpack. Why on earth would I want to bring "stuff" with me when I am going to the store by myself & know what I want, or even if I don't know what I want. All I know is I don't want to bring ANYTHING that I don't need to bring which means my phone & my money is going into my sweater or pants pockets.

So when I go to the store, don't have to take the kids & don't want to carry anything I'll put my money in my pocket which sadly has fallen out on one or two (maybe a few more than two) occasions. However this hasn't happened yet since I've been using this because everything's together so if my money falls out of my pocket that means the whole phone case is falling with it. Which means I will hear it, & that means it just saved me the trouble of explaining to my husband that I didn't come back with not only no (whatever I was going to get) but I am also coming back without the money. 
So far I have really enjoyed how much, the only word that really comes to mind is freedom, this case gives me. I enjoy not losing money & I love that I have everything I need in just one spot. Even if I do have to bring all the other stuff with me when I bring the kids.
 My phone, the I.D.s & money are all in one spot & all easily accessible. Which just makes everything a little bit easier. 

It is well made, durable & very reliable, which is always something that is good to have.

If you're interested in checking out the product page click >here<. & If you're interested in checking out the website go to CaseCo.ca 

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