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Who ever invented the Travalo is simply brilliant. If you have no idea what a Travalo I need to ask you "Where have you been all this time?"...
 The Travalo is a magically device that you can fill with you're favourite perfume. Okay I lied. It's not magic. It is genius though. How the Travalo works is you take the spray top off of the fragrance bottle & you, line the bottom of the Travalo up with the spray stump & you pump the liquid into the Travalo . On the opposite side of the Travalo logo there is a clear spot where you can clearly see how much of the fragrance you've pumped into the container.
The perfume included in the photo below is True Religion Love Hope Denim
Once you have filled your Travalo you can toss it in your purse, or backpack & enjoy the luxury of being able to have & use your favourite scent wherever you go without having to worry about leakage or damaging the fragrance bottle. The Travalo is brilliant because it works with anything that has one of those fragrance spritzer tops, which includes cologne, some body spray, hair perfume, perfume & even those relaxer mists. They're also refillable which means you can use them over & over again. 

It also allows you to travel on a plane without having your favourite perfume confiscated at customs, as well as allows you to bring your signature perfume wherever you go incase you need to touch up your already applied scent.  

The Travalo isn't just for women, as you can see in the picture above there is a black Travalo & that one actually contains my husbands favourite cologne, which he takes with him to work.

Travalos are at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada

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