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My previous experiences with Quo products have only been with the Quo by Orly polishes, so when I got these I was very excited.
Quo - Urban Legend
Quo - Urban Legend
The Urban Legend palette has beautiful packaging, It's a deep shimming blue with a a dark blue, light blue & a stunning light shimming blue! I will be creating a manicure inspired by this so keep an eye out for that! Great inspiration.
Quo - Urban Legend
Quo - Urban Legend
In this palette there are 4 shimmers, 2 mattes with a bit of shimmer & then 2 that are completely matte.So starting from the left will be number 1 & the one on the very end on the right side is number 8.

1. A brown shimmer shadow with fine gold glitters.
2. A deep natural matte green shade with a bit of fine greenish gold shimmers.
3. A fun matte burgandy red with a bit of fine red shimmers.
4. A purely chocolate matte brown.
5. A light matte brown, this is the only one that I have had slight problems with. It's the only one that has fall-out.
6. A gold shimmer shadow with lighter gold shimmers in it.
7. A medium-light brown shimmer with tiny little flecks of light brown as well as light golden shimmers.
8. A deep mocha shimmering brown with I think it had a bit of burgundy shimmers,
Quo - Urban Legend
Quo - Urban Legend

For this look I applied a bit of number 5 in my inner corner, number 2 in the center & number 8 in the outter corner. I used number 3 as my crease colour & number 6 as my blending out shade.
With a bit of 1 & 7 for under my lower lashes. I was going for a more fall but natural look & I am very pleased with out it came out.

I absoloutely love this palette. Autum is my favourite season of the year & this palette just screams  fall to me. So I of course am in love with it. It has all the perfect shades to stay on trend with the always changing colours of surrounds at this time. & It's also a very diverse palette because it contains shimmers which I've always loved & mattes which I am just beginning to appreciate.

I would recommend checking out this palette when you're at Shoppers Drug Mart next because I think it's just so seasonally appropriate. & It's seriously worth it. 

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