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Hey guys! Today I will be sharing a super simple & affordable manicure I created using all Essence products. So let's get started.
 First thing I did was apply a base coat. Then I applied 1 coat of That's What I Mint! After that using the essence stamping that has the two birds with the heart above them, the stamping set & the black stamping polish I transferred the bird image onto the stamper & then using the dotting tool from essence & a red polish, I using a light hand I filled in the heart & applied a thin layer of top coat over it. & let it dry while I was applying my second coat of That's what I Mint! Once it was almost fully dry I, very carefully peeled it from the stamper & applied it to the nail polish & sealed it with a top coat. & Presto! A beautiful manicure was created.

I really enjoyed the Essence stamping products. They're all great quality & super affordable. I didn't have a problem at all with any of the plate images when it came to how clear they were picked up or with the stamper or stamping polish. The polish was very opaqued & worked great! So I do recommend these items if you're looking into stamping. This is a very affordable option that does have great image.

The only down fall to the images on the Essence plates are that the full nail designs aren't very practical for the average person. My nails aren't very wide but I do have long nail beds, & other friends I have have long nail beds & wide nails. So I do hope that this is something they're looking into improving because if they did these would be almost perfect. Because another bone I gotta pick with them is the adhesion glue they use. It's very sticky & hard to remove. & When warm (such as in a hot house) the glue gets a bit messy. I had to use Pure Acetone to get it off. So if you're gonna purchase these I'd suggest removing all of it before you start using them, because it can get a bit messy. 

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