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Let me tell you exactly know why I go crazy for bright glitters in crelly bases, well it applies for any or most crelly bases in general.
Today I will be sharing the ever so gorgeous polish called Bonkers from Lavish polish. It is made up of  small, medium & large red, pink, blue & green. Some are squares & some hexagons however they're all wrapped up in a beautiful light grey cream jelly base. 

In the photo above I am wearing two coats, but if you do not like to see the nail line it can be fully opaque by using three coats or you can apply it over a base colour.

I love crelly polishes probably more than jelly polishes & more than cream polishes. & If you were to ask me why I would tell you I like being able to see slightly see the free edge because it my mind or maybe it's reality it looks a bit like a gradient because the nail bed is darker & then the free edge is lighter.

Sooo yeah, thats why I fancy myself a good crelly polish. & That's why I adore this one.

Okay it's not the only reason why. I love the bright glitters, I love that they're not just one size. I love that they vary in sizes from small to chunky. I love that the base is a dark grey bland but not bland if that makes sense base with bright bold glitters. I love not having to fish for glitters because the consistency of the base is perfection.

I just freaking love this polish, can ya tell?!

So I really gotta give it up to Lavish Polish for this one. Emely really did an amazing job creating this polish. I really think it's perfect for transitioning into fall because the base is such a fall/winter colour but the glitters are so summer!

If you're interested in checking out her shop click here ->Lavish Polish<-  or if you're interested in purchasing this exact polish click >Here<.

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