Kiss - Looks So Natural - Flirty featuring Aloe Lash Adhesive in the colour black.

Press Sample

Looking for perfect dramatic long & natural looking lashes?
Kiss is launching these new "Look So Natural Lashes" this fall. These lashes are different from others because each lash tarpers out intense of just having a blunt end.
Along with the Look So Natural Flirty lashes I will be using the new (also launching this fall) Stip Lash Adhesive with Aloe in the colour black. I will have a separate review on this product soon.

Now let's get to the before & after.
^This is before my make up & lashes were applied.^
& this of course is after they've been applied. I think these are too dramatic for me especially with the type of eyes I have. They're Gorgeous & perfectly wispy but just too long for me. So even though they're not right for me I'd still recommend trying them out cause we all different types of eyes.

These will be available at walmart & the suggested retail price is $4.97

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