Kawaii Supplies Japanese Candy Subscription Box of September 2014 + Giveaway!

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Hey guys! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend so far! Mine has been very enjoyable, as we just got back from the splash pad park! So now that I'm home & my hubby is cooking dinner, I would put together this post & since our Kawaii Supplies box arrived during the week! So let's jump right in so I can show you what we got!
Also I wanted to just mention my husband accidently threw away the cheat sheets that had the names on them so sadly I cannot tell you what the names are.
The box I received was the premium subscription which is a box that contains a bunch of goodies that wouldn't fit the the slot of doom. & lol. According to Kawaii Supplies the "Slot of Doom", "is it is a plastic slot that is 2 cm in height. If an over-sized envelope is able to pass through and remain under 500g, then it is mailed as a letter and the shipping cost is much much cheaper." 

Now onto the goodies

Potato Fry are chips shaped like fries that are salt flavoured. There were pretty good.

This Bourbon cookie was a thin almost waffle like cookie with vanilla cream in the center. This was delicious.

1-2-3 Snacks where my husbands favourite. There's 3 large crunchy cheesy sticks.

These were one of my favourites. They were super delicious savoury sesame & rice bits I believe. Sooo good!

Watagon was super fun green apple cotton candy. My daughter really enjoyed some of this stuff!

Sankaku Crackers were my daughters favourite. She loved these the most! They were pretty good. I think the green bits might have been seaweed.

 These Morinaga chocolate milk & cookie sticks were so awesome. You get 12 packs with four of these cookie + chocolate sticks  They're so yummy!

Orange flavoured Hi-Chew type candies! If you've had these you know how good they are & if not you need to try them at least once!

 I have no clue what this is, but I was a bit put off but my its appearance. & then I bit it & nope. I couldn't do it.

These are like this shortcake cookies with a strawberry cream cookies in the middle. Super good.

These were so yummy. They're like Ramune & Cola flavoured I love Ramune! So of course I loved these.

These were so good. They were like little sugar covered cracker cookies. Very yumms worthy.

Strawberry chocolate covered wheat puffs. These were devoured by my husband. I think I only got about 5 of them. So i'm assuming that he liked them.

This thing was so strange. it was some type of snack bar covered in rice paper. It wasn't good or bad it was just eh. 

Yummy squishy gummy bears!

Oh my delicious goodness. There were two mini pancake & maple sandwiches. Soo soo scrumptious.

This was like a fizzy hard candy. Pretty good.
 Another fizzy hard candy.

These things I thought were gonna taste weird or be weirded out by the texture but these were pretty good!

I really loved that fact that this subscription service allows you to try things that aren't very easily accessible to many Canadians. I love trying different food & snack items from different countries so this was right up my alley. I would highly recommend subscribing to this box at least for a 1 month trial run, because it is so fun. My husband enjoyed this more than I did & he's never expressed that this would be something he would be into. So It appeals to a large variety of people. If you'd like to know more about this subscription service go to http://www.kawaii-supplies.com/

Also because they're located in Canada you don't have to worry about duty fees or high shipping rates!

The main pages I would suggest to check out would be the FAQ page & the Subscription info page because they're both very informative & have pretty much covered everything possible. 

Now on to the giveaway! This giveaway starts now & will run until September 21st!
To enter please follow my blog via GFC, Bloglovin OR RSS
& lastly comment your email address below (Only used to contact the winner, nothing else)
The winner will win the October Regular package which contains 10-12 items.

So good luck to everyone who enters !

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