Fairy Tale Eyeshadow Palette & Sumptuous Blush & Bronzer Palette from Quo!

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Hello beautifuls, as some of you may know my birthday was yesterday & this was the makeup I wore! For the eyes I used the Quo Fairy Tale palette & for blush & highlighter I used the Face palette from Quo. 

All the palettes in this fall collection come with this gorgeous type of designs on the front. A mixture of a deep shimming blue with a a dark blue, light blue & a stunning light shimming blue! 

The Fairy Tale eyeshadow palette from Quo
In this palette there are 4 shimmers, 2 mattes with a bit of shimmer & then 2 that are completely matte. So starting from the left will be number 1 & the one on the very end on the right side is number 8.
1. A light shimmering gun metal shade. 
2. A shimmering bronze gold. 
3. A shimmering dusty rose matte. 
4. A matte grey with slight pink undertones.
5. A dark matte brown. 
6. A light shimmering matte brown. 
7. A light shimmering pinking
8. A shimmering grey. 

* For the eye look above I used 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8. 

 Sumptuous Blush & Bronzer palette from Quo
The Sumptuous Blush & Bronzer palette to me seems to contain more of highlighter than a bronzer.  From left to right is a beautiful neutral pink, a light almost neutral shimmering beige & on the end is a dusky slightly darker pink shade.

* In the photo I am wearing the light pink blush & the middle highlighter. 

The Fairy Tale eyeshadow palette is beautiful for anyone who doesn't love to make that transition into deeper darker colours, because this palette contains some deeper fall shades as well some fun light pink shades that have been a bit fallanized. I have not had a single issue with these with fall out. They're very beautiful when applying & blending.
The Fairy Tale palette is available at Shoppers Drug Mart for $18.00.

The Sumptuous face palette is just beautiful to work with. I really enjoy the shades that a featured in this palette. The highlighter is a shimmery light beige champagne type colour. However I do think them putting bronzer was a mistake though, because I really couldn't see this working out as a bronzer for anything.
This face palette is available at shoppers for $20.00.

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