Face Stockholm - Athena *Holographic Greatness*

Press Sample
Hey gorgeous! Today I will be showing you Athena from Face Stockholm

 Athena is a seriously strong silver holographic polish. It shows it's beauty the most in direct sunlight, however unlike some holographic polishes you can still see the glorious holographic effect in less flattering light. This by far is one of the BEST holographic polishes that I have ever owned. It was truly truly stunning. 

The application for this polish is just as beautiful as the rainbow it creates. There is no need for a special base coat, any regular base coat or even bare nails will be just fine. It also is fully opaque in two coats. I really cannot believe how a polish can be so beautiful. I think everyone in the world needs a good holographic silver, even if they're not a polish addict, it's still a must have.

The price for this beauty is very reasonable. It retails for $16.00 USD. & I think that is a great price because you're not only paying for the beautiful super strong holographic effect you're also paying for a fabulous formula. 

HIGHLY Recommend this beautiful polish to ANYONE & EVERYONE ! You must get it! 

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