EOS Visibly Smooth - Vanilla Mint

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Hey lovelies, today I will be sharing my thoughts on the new Vanilla Mint EOS lip balm! So let's jump right in!
EOS - Vanilla Mint
When I got this I was super duper excited. I've wanted to try it a ridiculous amount ever since I heard about them, which luckily for me wasn't that long ago. I love EOS lip balms however I always am a bit hesitant when it comes to any new product from any company. Most people probably think the newer the better, however my mind set always goes to "Will it be as good as the originals?" 

However I think what seriously sold me on it was once I opened it the smell was just magnificent. It reminded me of a favourite gum that I had forgotten about. It was the Trident Splash gum in the flavour Vanilla Mint. That tasted exactly how this smells.

Okay I lied. What first sold me was the EOS packaging, then it was the smell, & after that it was how well it worked. It worked just as beautifully as the originals. The formula was the signature EOS texture & consistency that we all love. It glided on & only got smoother with your body heat. 

EOS - Vanilla Mint Nail Art
EOS - Vanilla Mint Nail Art

The packaging its the standard round EOS shape, with a indent for the thumb & the flat bottom so it doesn't roll around. However because of the blue stripes, the darker blue stripes are not made of the thing as the light blue. The dark blue is a bit harder & does not have the same easy grip texture. Which does make it a tad bit harder to open. 

I have a love hate relationship with these EOS balms. They're fabulous for when you through them in your backpack or purse because the shape makes them super easy to find. However because of the shape it's not ever comfortable to just put in the pocket of your jeans. 

Overall opinion. I would highly recommend picking one of these up, they're available pretty much everywhere you go! 

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