Demeter Fragrance Library - Burn (for her) by Brimstone & Holy Smoke

Press Sample

Do you enjoy interested & unique scents? I do some most of the times so that's why I was so interested in getting these. 

Holy Smoke... well I've never actually smelt holy smoke this was a scent my husband was interested in so I mainly got it for him. & when I got this for him I assumed he wanted it because he knew what holy smoke smelt like. However he knew just as much as myself. Which was nothing... So I basically have to go by what my nose smells. Which is Incense & vodka, my apologies for this review but it's such a strange & unfamiliar scent for me I don't know how else to describe it. 

Burn (for her) by Brimstone starts out warm & spicy & you can just tell there's something spicy. However it doesn't last long, it calms down & becomes a subtle sweet Dragon Fruit combination. It's unlike anything I've smelt before. 
Notes: JalapeƱo peppers, Dragon Fruit & Vanilla
Demeter never stops surprising me, they're scents are normally spot on. However it's hard to tell when I've never smelt the scent because. So I don't know whether this is something I could recommend. I guess if you like the smell of Holy Smoke I'd recommend it but if not then I would. It's a weird feeling being in this position right now.

As for Burn I am very surprised by this scent. Normally I am surprised by the scent accuracy Demeter has when creating a fragrance but this time the surprise is mainly because of the unique blend of scents & how distinct they are within the fragrance. This I do recommend trying. It is very enjoyable & different.

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