Demeter Fragrance Library - Angel Food

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Hey guys! Today I will be sharing the scent that first lured me into the wonderful company of Demeter Fragrance Library. Angel Food.
Demeter Fragrance Library - Angel Food
Demeter Fragrance Library - Angel Food
Sadly I was planning on doing a side by side photo of the first one I owned & the new packaging. However when I went to get the bottle, I couldn't find it & so I asked my husband if he seen it & he said he threw it out because I got a new one a while back. Turns out when I got the Pina Colada spray from Demeter he mistook it for the Angel Food one. Now I'm not gonna lie. I'm a human. I lost it a bit. I had that one for about 5 or more years just because I loved it so much.

It actually had the recipe for Angel Food Cake on the front label. I was keeping it purely for the memory. & the fact that he just tossed it without even asking annoyed me. I'm sure he wouldn't like it if I did that to some of his Wolverine Comics or Warhammer 40,000 books. I remember way back when I first discovered Demeter at Zellers (Yes that was when they were still around). I was pretty young. Probably about 13 or so, I loved this smell. I loved how realistic it was. However we didn't have much money so my mother never was able to get it for me. & then about 3-4 years later I was gifted that very perfume. & the person who gifted it to me didn't even know about how I loved it & couldn't have it. So it was almost like one of those "meant to be" moments.

So not only is this fragrance I divine, realistic & yummy scent. It's also got a bit of nostalgicness to it.  Which makes it even more amazing, If I was to recommend anyone only 1 Demeter Fragrance, it would be this one. & because of that, is why I recommend it to you. I've loved this for years & still do.

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