Demeter Fragrance Cotton Candy Atmosphere Diffuser Oil

Press Sample

Not too long ago I reviewed the Cotton Candy fragrance spray by Demeter Fragrance Library (You can click >here< to check that out), So when I found out that you could get the Cotton Candy in the Atmosphere Diffuser Oil I was pretty excited...
So when I got it I opened it places the stick things in it walked away. Of course I was super excited for it because it wasn't a product I'd have to spray in the room a few times a day or have to keep a eye on because there was no heat element.  

Of course I wasn't expecting it to work as soon as I put them in but I did expect to notice a bit of it at least 5-6 hours after. Which I did, I just didn't think it'd be as little as it was. It was very faint, so I figured it must be something I did or where it was. So we put it in my bathroom which is a much smaller room compared to my office, & it was still just as faint. 

So sadly as much as I was hoping for this to be amazing & as much as I wanted to love it. It just wasn't that great of an experience for me. Maybe it was just the cotton candy one, who knows. 

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