Ardell Accent Lashes 301

Press Sample

Hey guys! Today I will be sharing my thoughts on the Ardell Accent lashes in number 301. So let's get right into this post because *Spoil Alert* I love them! 
 These false lashes aren't like your regular lashes, where there's a whole strip of lashes these are more like 2/3rd or a half of a lash strip. #301 accent lashes have a very nail look to them.
So here is a before & after picture. The before picture is the one on the left. That was without any makeup. & the after picture is with my makeup & brows done.

I really enjoy these lashes mainly because win these I don't have to use a liner to conceal the lash strip. As you can see I have hooded eyes which means if I were to use a black liner to conceal the lash strip, it would look like I applied it to my whole eyelid. These lashes are perfect for when you want a natural with a bit of drama or even if you're new to lashes. These would be perfect because they're much easier to learn with because you don't have to learn to line up the lash strip to the inner & outer corner. I love these because the outer corner of my lashes is always facing down even when I curl them sometimes, & with these it looks like I have beautiful natural lashes that flair out.

I remember I actually used to do this with lashes before I fully got the hang of putting on full strip lashes. However that was always so tricky because sometimes they're be uneven lengths. So it's night that Ardell offers them pre-cut & they're the same length.

I would highly recommend checking these out, they're phenomenal.

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