Anna Sui Nail Polish #602

Press Sample

Why hello there, didn't think I'd be bumping into you here. Meh, who am I kidding. I was hoping you'd be reading this because if you weren't that means no one would be reading my blog. So thank you for showing up. Today I will be sharing a gorgeous polishes from Anna Sui with you, it's number 602.  
 #602 is a beautiful shimming peach polish that contains gorgeous small iridescent glitters. The formula was pretty good, however it was a bit on the sheer side, it took 2 good coats to be opaque or 3 thin coats. It's also a scented once dry, smells floral like roses. It's very pleasant unless you don't like floral scents.

I absolutely love Anna Suit's packaging. These bottles are so fabulously gorgeous & desirable. I cannot get enough of them.

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