Anna Sui - Glittering Lip Gloss - 601

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I can't help but to be drawn in by gorgeous packaging. & honestly I think if I could I'd be getting everything in cutesy packaging. However that's not realist, so I'll just stick with cute beauty products. 
Anna Sui - Glittering Lip Gloss - 601
Anna Sui - Glittering Lip Gloss - 601
Anna Sui is launching this orange tinted lip gloss that has light golden orange shimmer particles. The applicator itself is a doe foot applicator for smoother application. 
On the lips 601 adds a light tint of orange that is slightly noticeable, as well as the more noticeable glitter particles. I am honestly not a huge fan of what this lip gloss does to my lips. I find it darks my natural lip colour, & normally when I want to adjust my lip colour while looking natural I'll go for a more lighter product that evens out my lips rather then one that shows my lips imperfects more. 
This lip gloss is slightly sticky but nothing too bad. I do think I would have enjoyed it in a more pink or peachy shade, because this colour wasn't very flattering on me.

This Glittering Lip Gloss line has 12 glosses in varying colours. They will be launching October first at select Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale, PJC stores across Canada, coating $28.00

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