What's in my manicure bag

Contains some press samples

Hey lovelies! Ever wanted to know what was in my manicure bag? Well today you find out! 

First up is two new products I'm trying out. & they may not be new to the world but they're new to me. They're Essie Grow Faster base coat & Good to Go fast drying top coat. So there will be a full review coming up on these in 3-4 weeks.

Gama Go Kitty Shaped Nail Buffer I am not gonna lie. I love this just because it's an adorable cat. It does that job but the only thing that makes it worth being part of my manicure kit is the adorableness.

Mont Bleu Crystal Nail File I have been using crystal nail files since I started blogging & I have been recommending them since & will continue to do so. This crystal file is super tiny, about the length of the Essie nail polish bottle. & I really enjoy this one because it comes with a file sleeve which prevents it from being ruined. This is one of the more important items in here, just because I don't want to be out & about break a nail & not be able to file it down & smooth it out so it doesn't catch on anything else & rip or peel.

OPI Wipe-Off! Acetone-Free Lacquer Remover Wipes  These are fabulous for when I'm out & about & have forgotten to take the nail polish off of my swatch hand. I don't know how many times I've done it & luckily had these on hand!

The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream a great strawberry scented lotion thats fantastic for moisturizing my hands after I've washed them. Or incase I forget to put lotion on my elbows or just notice a dry patch of skin that needs an extra bit of moisture.

& This wonderful bag is from Laquered Up! on Etsy. She handpainted this beautiful bag & I love it. It fits all my manicure items perfectly with plenty of room for anything else I would want to bring such as nail art items or a couple of nail polishes. Sadly I don't think she makes these anymore, however I think if you sent her a message theres a chance she might, but I'm not promising anything!

I hope you enjoyed this post & checking out what's in my manicure kit. I'd love to see whats in yours & feel free to leave a comment recommending a product that is in your manicure kit or that I should check out! I love trying new items!

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