The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream

Press Sample
Hey guys! Today I will be sharing an amazing hand cream from The Body Shop!
I think the packaging is brilliant. I love how simple, yet fun it is. I love material it's made out of which makes squeezing a bit out each time because when you squeeze some out the material doesn't resist. Which allows you to get every last bit from the tube. I also love the shape of the tube cap because it allows you to get a better grip. Which is something I need because I normally put lotion on after my hands are washed which is super helpful.
The sweet scent of this hand cream is Strawberry.  & It's not a mediocre type of strawberry scent. It's a sweet juicy fresh strawberry scent. It's not one of those fake icky types, which I am very thankful for. It's a very pleasant scent. Also very moisturizing & fast absorbing, without being super greasy. The cream just glides over your skin & spreads very easily. It's also gel like without being sticky.  

The tube holds 30 mls & costs $10.00.
It's available in stores & online.  

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