Scentsy (bar) - Kahiko Hula

Hey everyone! Today I will be sharing my thoughts on the Kahiko Hula scentsy bar ! & since this one is gonna be discontinued, let's jump into it really quick so you have enough time to pick up your own before it's no longer available which is September 1st. 

Kahiko Hula smells tropical, sweet & floral to me. However the main scents I catch is Papaya & Passion-fruit. I didn't even notice the mango that much until I read the scent description. I really enjoy sweet tropical scents because even tho I have barely been out of Canada (When I say barely I mean BARELY) it takes my mind to a place with hot sand, warm water, colourful plants & blue skies. I've never been to Florida, Hawaii or any tropical destination. So maybe this scent takes my mind to a place that was created by movies. My nose & imagination much just have so much fun, creating a place to go with the scent I smell. 

Scent Description: Say "aloha" with exotic passion-fruit, mango, and papaya.

Perfect for in the morning when you'd like a little boost, or during the day when you just feel meh & need smelly mood lifting goodness. 

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