Red Apple Lipstick - Firefly

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Hey beauties! Looking for a fabulous shimmery orange lipstick? Well just so happens today I will be sharing Firefly from Red Apple Lipstick in todays post!
Red Apple Lipstick is a brand that creates beautiful products that are available in gorgeous shades, that aren't harmful or full of tons of chemicals. They're Paraben, Gluten, Soy, & Lead free! Which is awesome! I know I may not be the most health conscious person, however I love these products because then I know for sure that I'm not putting any strange chemicals near my mouth.

The packaging is very chic & simple. Everything on the tube is matte except for the brand name on the tube & the logo on the top! They also have little bumps which make it easier to grip the tube when opening & closing.

The tube contains 4.5 grams of lipstick which is a pretty good amount!

The shade Firefly is a gorgeous vibrant orange color that leans more yellow than red. It also contains gorgeous shimmer that is a beautiful golden shade. I think the thing I love the most about the shimmer is that it's not gritty whatsoever. & the formula of the lipstick itself is smooth & buildable. Which is perfect but if you want just a hint of orange you can lightly dab it on your lips & blend, or if you want more then apply as much as you like.

When I first applied this, I thought "Nope, no way. Totally not happening." but then it slowly grew on me & I liked it more & more. Now I'm totally not saying this is my new everyday wear lipstick but it is a gorgeous fun & playful shade to wear when I dress up for certain events where it's in your face.

All Red Apply Lipsticks cost $23.50, & I know that may seem like a lot however, it's so much better for you. & worth it if you really care & are looking for a product that doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.

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