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Hey guys, today I will be sharing the PS3 Console decal we customized from! 
My husband has a huge obsession with the Warhammer 40,000 books from Black Library. He loves them like I love nail polish. So when I got this opportunity to work with, I told my husband right away. Of course he was super excited & wanted to create something for his PS3 console. & Of course he customized it with things relating to his books.
So It comes with all the decal parts you need to cover the top, both sides & the front.
The instructions say:
Step 1: Clean it
Step 2: Peel it
Step 3: Apply it
& That's what we did & this is how it turned out.
I personally wish he could have picked better pictures or a pattern that way the from & top wouldn't have so much whitish grey spots but he loves it so that's all that matters. We've also had it for a while now & it's held down nicely. None of the corners are peeling up or anything!

I think it's super awesome that this website allows you to customize any console or gadget you have & For the PS3 it'll only cost $35 plus tax which is a pretty good price! I would highly recommend checking out their site & just playing around with the customization part, because it's super easy to use & really fun.

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