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Hey guys, Today I have some super delicious & healthy snack bars to share with you, so let's jump right into this deliciousness.

 Cocoa Delight was a very pleasant surprise. At the first bite i as a bit hesitate because I've never had a health chocolate bar type snack. The first I could smell & taste the dates, which was what frightened me a bit, because I've smelt dates, but never really had one. The next flavour I tasted was a cocoa & raisin combination which is was made me feel more comfortable & started to like it more. Then I noticed the Cashews & I was sold. I love it. & then I realized I had finished it & then I wanted more. So I ate the one I was planning on saving for my husband. Shhh...
Ingredients: Dates, Cashews, Raisins & Cocoa with natural chocolate flavouring

 Berry Delight was super surprising, because when I read the ingredients I realized it contained 3 of the same ingredients as the Cocoa delight, it was just missing the cocoa. So I assumed it was gonna takes a lot alike, however they that really wasn't the case. The Raspberry totally transforms the taste into something sweet with a hint of nuttiness from the cashew.
Ingredients: Dates, Cashews, Raisins & Raspberries & natural berry flavouring

 Cocoa Orange is a very sweet fruity snack bar. It's a very pleasant taste considering I love orange chocolate bars, but let's admit it they're a delicious snack but not healthy what so ever. & I am totally okay with admitting I'd probably eat half or all of it in one sitting. However with this, I can sit down eat it, it demolishes my sweet tooth cravings, it was enjoyed & it's MUCH healthier than the chocolate bar.
Ingredients: Ingredients: Dates, Cashews, Raisins & Cocoa with natural Orange & Chocolate flavouring

 Cashew Cookie is phenomenal. It's almost a savoury snack bar with a hint of sweet. The Cashews & Dates are just unbelievable together.  I loved the slight sweetness from the dates with the fabulous nuttiness of the cashews. It tastes like a handful of trail mix. It's such a simple but amazingly delicious treat.
Ingredients: Dates & Cashews
These were so mind blowingly good. I cannot believe how much I liked them. I also used to think I wasn't a fan of dates. Now I don't know what I know, except for these are a fabulously yummy yet healthy snack. These were so surprising because I didn't think they'd be as filling & satisfying as they were. I thought they'd leave me a bit satisfied but still wanting something else. but they didn't.

They totally got the stamp of approval from my two year old daughter who is surprisingly a picky eat & she actually kept calling them "chocala bar". So now that my daughter & I love them. I can't wait to see what my husband thinks of them. That's if I don't eat them or decide to hide them & snack on em tomorrow!

SUPER DUPER HIGHLY recommend these. They are scrumptious!

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