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Hello everyone! As some of you might already know, I have two children & psoriasis. So I think today would be the perfect day I share my Bio-Oil experience with you! 
  I have had psoriasis since I was 15 years old & it was brought on by stress. Now if you don't know what psoriasis is, it's a skin condition that makes spots of your skin grow faster than others which makes it look slightly scaly & it flakes very easily. It's not at all contagious however being 15 & having this in highschool was very difficult task for me to overcome.

 Having it actually created more stress which means more spots. & They would show up everywhere.  I had patches on my elbows & knees & spots all over my arms, legs, scalp & back. I think one of the cooler things about it though was if I got a cut on my leg my psoriasis would show up there & make it heal super quick, but then the down fall to that was that I ended up having psoriasis where it wasn't before.

Having psoriasis made me very insecure & uncomfortable. Of course because others didn't know what it was they stared, judge & some even thought it was contagious which means they avoided me completely. My mother could see that it was very hard for me to accept everything, so once we got the special cream to help it go away however it didn't help with the scars.

 It wasn't until a couple of years later when my mother decided to surprise me with a bottle of Bio-Oil to try. I still cannot believe how much it helped. There are some scare spots where I lightly neglected because I was more focused on other spots, so there is a bit of scarring but they're very faint. Not only did it help relieve the dryness but later on it helped with the scars.

 I would highly recommend this to anyone with psoriasis or eczema .

As for my Bio-Oil pregnancy experience. I am a mother of two. My daughter was born towards the end of 2011 & my son was born near the beginning of this year (2014). I used Bio-Oil everyday & night. I had almost no stretch marks at all except for 1 on my in between my belly botton & the hole where I used to have a piercing.

& With my son I did the same, but slacked a little bit. & it shows. As you can see I have very minimal stretch marks. However I do believe that if I would have used it as much as I did the first time I was pregnant I would have less than I do now.

So as far as Bio-Oil for stretch marks I HIGHLY recommend it. It's a fabulous product! & a great reason to get a back massage too!

The Bio-Oil liquid has a slight tint of orange however this does not discolour your skin & turn it orange. Also the liquid itself is very rich, smooth & a soft oil. It's not one of those super slick thin oils that just get everywhere. This one is the perfect consistency. & even tho it is an oily it's not a slick greasy oil as well as a very fast absorbing oil. I really enjoy it. Plus when you apply it to  your body with your hands you'll notice that you'd hands improve so much as it's helping the skin on the back of your hand, as well as keeping the cuticles moisturized & your hands supple & soft. 

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