Make Up Forever Aqua Smoky Extravagant

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Hey guys! Today I will be reviewing the Make Up Forever Aqua Smoky Extravagant waterproof mascara. So lets jump right in!
Make Up Forever Aqua Smoky Extravagant is a deep black waterproof mascara designed to be perfect for summer since we're all in the water at one point or another. Of course some of us, are more than others. However I give major credit to Make Up Forever since we all get face ready for the beach or pool & then once we're done having fun, our makeup is long gone with just hint here & there that we were even wearing it.
The mascara wand starts thick & narrows down to a point. Which is perfect for fanning out your lashes as well as getting those tricky spots like the ones I have at the end , where my top & bottom lashes sort of clash & grip together in the outer corner. 
I have hooded eyelids as some of you may know, & not just that my my eyelids are pretty oily. So When I wear any macara it has to be waterproof or I'll start having racoon eyes petty quickly. & Normally after about 5-6 hours the oils from my eyelids will slowly start to wear away even waterproof mascara. Which is what happened here. It held up great during swimming & everything, however at the end of the day my eyelid oils got to it & left the tiniest trace that I was even wearing mascara.

This Mascara was great to apply, it started out pretty wet so I had to make sure I didn't look up a lot or it would end up all over my eyelid. However because of this I found it was less clumping & allowed me time to adjust my lashes before it dried which was about a minute wait.

This mascara retails for $28.00 CAD & can be purchased on

I would recommend this to others, however with my eye chemistry it didn't work very well.

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