Kiss Gradation Polishes

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Hey beauties! Today I will be sharing the the Kiss Gradation Polishes with you! So let's get started! 
So Kiss came out with this awesome set of polishes that allow you to create a beautiful gradient without sponging. So it's super simple & time saving, which is amazing because we all know that sometimes nail art can take up a good bit of time.

This set comes with 3 polishes & only takes 3 steps, not including your base coat & top coat.
Step 1: Apply 1 coat of the Step 1 polish. Let dry.
Step 2: Apply Step 2 part way down your nail. Let Dry.
Step 3: Apply step 3, to 2/3rds of the nail. Let dry.
& Apply your favourite top coat & enjoy your fabulously gorgeous manicure!

Totally in love with this concept. & Hope they continue to create it in different colour options ! Totally recommend this to ANYONE!

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