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Hey lovelies, today I will be sharing some I love using & it's the I Love... Strawberries & Cream bubble bath and shower creme. 
I love... is very well known for creating such devine products, that not only smell super scrumptious. They also feel fabulous on the skin.

As a shower creme, it is great. I love's products are of great quality so there is no need to use a ton of product. You'd just be wasting the wonderfulness. All you need to do is apply a bit to your puff puff & rub it all over. As a shower creme it lathers up wonderfully without using a ton of product. & the lather just glides over your skin coating everywhere you go. The lather is very rich with the scent & leaves a bit of the scent on your skin once you're done.
 For the bubble bath I recommend using a small glob. Not a lot or it might be a little bit drying once you get out. I know a lot of people (including my mother) who love to go a bit crazy when it comes to bubble bath products. & with this bubble bath, there's no need to. So if you're one of "those" people, you need to break that habit. It'll smell just as gorgeous & be just as fragrant with a small glob.
This product is fantastic for when you want to treat yourself to a luxurious bath or to give yourself a treat everyday when you're in the shower. It'll leave you feeling comforted by the smell.
I highly recommend the I love... Strawberries & Creme Bubble bath & shower creme. It can be purchased exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart (in Canada).

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