Handpainted Fast Food Vans from ErotoMania !

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Ever wished you have a really fun & playful pair of shoes that reminded you of fast food? Well they exist & ErotoMania handpaints them!  
Courtenay is a very talented "doodlebug" who really just wanted a great pair of shoes (don't we all?). So she painted up her own pair & people noticed them. They're different... so who couldn't? After getting so much positive comments she decided to share not only her talents but the kick ass shoes designs she creates with the world. Check out her shop & other items by clicking >Here< .
 I adore how much time & effort she puts into every pair. You can tell there's just pure love & paint. Not only did she use love & paint but she also is using great quality products. Vans are so durable & long lasting.
I remember the day I shared these with my friends on facebook, it got a ton of likes & comments asking if they could have them, joking around about how they hope they didn't fit me so they could have them etc. These were adored & wanted by everyone. Even a good friend of my who let's just say is older than 50 who straight up asked me to give them to her.

I'm not sure exactly what she uses to paint these but it must be magic. After wearing them for the whole summer they have very minimal wear.  & the only wear that did happen was from kneeling down a couple okay maybe 10+ times to tie my daughters shoes.
Clean up is super easy, Courtenay recommends using glass cleaner (strange, I know but it works). 
These shoes are fantastic, & normally heres where I would say I would highly recommend them but I feel like I need to mention the cons of having these. Let's start of with the biggest problem of all, they keep you thinking about food & make you hungry almost every time. The second is that everyones asking you if they can have them. & Lastly they're super awesome so almost everyone notices them, so if you don't like being noticed, I wouldn't recommend these. 

Everything about them screams I'm fabulously amazingly awesome. & I would highly recommend these. They're worth every penny! 

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