Duri Rejuvacote 1 (Nail Growth System) from NailPolishCanada.com

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Hey guys! Today I have a great product to share with you! It's the Duri Rejuvacote 1 Nail Growth System from NailPolishCanada.com! So let's jump right in! 
Packaging Quote & Directions: 
"Rejuvacote the nail doctor will heal and cure your split, cracked and acrylic eaten nails. In a matter of weeks you will enjoy the look and feel of strong, vital, natural nails. 

Directions: Begin with clean dry nails. Apply one coat of Rejuvacote as a base coat. Apply nail color if desired. Apply Rejuvacote as a top coat daily. After 7 days, remove with polish remover. As your nails improve, apply every other day or as needed." 
First day (Wednesday, ‎July ‎2, ‎2014) using it. As you decently long as is. & that I have a white spot on my ring finger. Don't know how I got it but I'm pretty happy it was there during this review because it helps show the growth of my nails since I try to keep them the same length & file them down a bit each week.
Today (Saturday, ‎August ‎02, ‎2014) as you can see it works very well. I loved the results I got from it. & Will be purchasing it once this bottle runs out. The white spot has moved down a good amount & my nail strength was not affected whatsoever by this product. 

My nails are pretty strong as is, so can't really say whether or not it's good for acrylic damaged or weak nails however from my results, I would think it would be. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about giving it a try. It's a really great basecoat!  

Duri Rejuvacote sells for $12.99 CAD on NailPolishCanada.com & All orders within Canada are shipped for free! YAY! 

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