Demeter Fragrance Library - Rain

Press Sample
Hello beautifuls, today I will be sharing the fragrance Rain with you from Demeter Fragrance Library.
Demeter Fragrance Library - Rain
Demeter Fragrance Library - Rain
Now don't get me wrong. I fully enjoy this scent, however it's not exactly what I expected. I'm not sure if many of you have noticed but the scent of rain is very complimentary especially in different environments. I've lived in the city, a small town, & in the country. & The scent of rain is different in each. I was expecting this to be more of a city rain, where you could smell the rain but the wetness always brought up other smells like grass & asphalt mixed together.

However that wasn't it. This is more like country rain. It's the scent of rain, with fresh air, flowers & grass. Which is truly beautiful & very calming. It almost makes me want to close my eyes & take a nap.

I would highly recommend this. It's a very enjoyable scent.

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