Demeter Fragrance Library - Firefly

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Hey guys! Today I will be sharing the fragrance Firefly from Demeter Fragrance Library with you, so let's just get start!
Demeter Fragrance Library - Firefly
Demeter Fragrance Library - Firefly
Firefly is a gorgeous scent. I can't believe how much this reminds me of one memory in particular. I don't remember where exactly the trip was but I remember there was about 50 to 100 people & we were all camping in this large field surrounded by trees & I still can remember what that night smelt like. However the night itself was a perfect childhood memory. Myself & other kids playing & then seeing flickers of a greenish glowing light appearing & disappearing in multiple places. It was such a, well now that I think about it the term magical seems very appropriate.

It smelt like fresh dirt, trees (can't really remember which ones exactly), fresh air & a bit of like a musky moss type scent. It was very alive nature scent combination.

It was a night that was filled with life. Playing games, making new friends & without even thinking about it making a beautiful memory. One that sadly was lost until I smelt this fragrance. I can almost feel the slight teariness building up in my tear ducts as I type this. Mainly for the fact that it was such an incredible memory that I let slip away.

I'm not sure if whoevers reading this knows that the forest/woods smells different at night than it does during the day. During the day the sun sort of cooks nature making each sent warm & a bit blended. However at night when everything's cooled down the scent is a bit damp & the scents of everything is a bit more distinct. & in this bottle it is most certainly the scent of the forest in the night.

So I would just like to thank Demeter Fragrance Library for making such an amazing & realistic scent that would bring back such a beautiful memory for me. I applaud you & your efforts when it comes to creating each scent to be as realistic as possible.

I would really would recommend this for anyone who loves the scent of nature. However I know that this is a scent that not everyone will like, so I can atleast tell you to give it a shot, because theres a good possibility that you'll love it more than you think would. 

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